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competative !!!
« on: August 03, 2008, 17:04:45 PM »
inever realised i was soooo commpetative... i always would ahve said i wasnt.... but i have a facebook and bebo account...originally to  be able to keep track of what y teenage daughter was up to on both of these social networks....
WELL turns out i am extremely competative... there are  facilities on there to play quick and simple games... just up my street...... well icant stand it if my daughter or any of her friends beat me...or any of my brothers who are on there  come to that....and i certainly dont like my ptner beating me at these silly little games.... nor does my daughter.....its like an in house competition so to speak  ..who is on top     lol    lol..i always used to say its the taking part that counts not if you win or not.... that still applies unless its on facebook or bebo    lmao

ARE you competative?? do you like losing?