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Whether this turns out to be a good idea of not only time will tell. The short of it is this. I disagreed with the attitude taken by an individual person running another forum based round Westbury. I disagree with how that forum is run. Its not hard to run a forum, nor does it cost a lot (I already run others), so in response to a couple of people's suggestion to set up another forum and that forum closing for a while, here we are after 20minutes of planning and execution before lunch :)

Things will evolve as people speak. Its your forum, not mine. The only think I am concerned with is openness and legality.

Over to you.


It's a shame that todays meltdown happened and to be honest i think it had more to do with outside pressures rather than the forum ones. Hopefully things will remedy themselves and we can all go back to the good old days. In the meantime Al,thankyou for setting this little place up so others can get there fix while peace is restored  8)

Indeed Artylad, well said sir :)

If you build it they will come ::) Just have to wait a bit tis all ;D

hiya all  :-* 
hope this is going to be the first of many happy times on here....


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