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bank holiday monday

Started by Debs, May 10, 2013, 19:02:58 PM

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did anyone go to the french market on bank holiday monday?? 

we had a walk around on our way to the horse and groom for a light lunch ...     same as any other french market...   im never impressed witht hem to be honest. always found them to be too expensive and all the food is openly displayed which looks nice but its all open to  flies bugs n grubby hands :/  i dont buby from the tesco fresh displays too where you help yourself for the very same reason.

anything local planned for the last bank holiday of this month??? ive not seen anything advertised


It wasn't very french. All but one stall holder there we spoke to was french, the rest were confused if you spoke to them in french!
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the first 3 i saw wasnt french either....    book stall...    2 councillors selling stuff ( not sure    what)  n the third i cant even remember...   hardly anyone there at mid day when i went.    im not sure if these "specialist" markets do well here to be sure someone will correct me if im wrong .  id much rather see a mix of  everything .not one country....    i still remember the markets we used to have on a friday in the football f ield... they used to be packed with sellers and busy with people wanting a look ....  as well as the one in trowbridge towns football  team ground too...  that was tremendously busy....       then you go to one here and its about 10 stalls