Author Topic: Man suffers facial burns as gas canister ignites  (Read 2096 times)

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Man suffers facial burns as gas canister ignites
« on: July 21, 2010, 10:01:27 am »

A MAN was airlifted from Melksham's Party in the Park this afternoon after suffering a burns injury when a gas canister ignited.

It is believed the man suffered burns to his face while trying to fix a problem with the canister during the start of the event at King George V Playing Fields.

The air ambulance was called out at about 2pm and the man was taken to Frenchay Hospital, Bristol. His injuries are not believed to be life-threatening.

what an awful thing to happen on what should be a fun day in the park. im so glad to hear that the poor mans injuries are not life threatening. my heart skipped a beat when i read the headlines i must bbrought back some memories i try to suppress.........

  i remember being at a banger racing meeting in southwick with my then husband and my 3 children under 10. it was only a few months after my son had died and was our first family trip out so to speak since that happened.. a poor man had rolled his car and it caught on fire and he was trapped. no one was allowed to leave as it was a single track to get ot the field and it had to be kept clear for the ambulance. people scrabbled around for water and ice to put out the flames and cool his skin due to the burns he suffered..  he had rolled the car with no cap to the petrol can that was his petrol tank on the back seat. then got covered it petrol which all ignited when some landed on the exhaust ( i think thats correct) it was terrible.. we were all crying as was everyone around. the air ambulance got there eventually and took him to bristol i think it was.. he died a few days later from his burns. i can still hear his screams now if i think about it to much  :( that stopped the banger racing in southwick. we never went again either anywhere  :'( my children are now grown up and all still remember that incident  :(  my heart is racing just typing this :(
gas, petrol etc are dangerous things to have around if not serviced and cared for properly and should always be treaded with respect.