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Air ambulance grounded
« on: August 13, 2008, 13:48:04 pm »
WILTSHIRE'S police and air ambulance helicopter is still grounded this morning after a mechanical fault was identified on a similar aircraft.

Police and Medical Air Services, from whom Wiltshire police leases its helicopter, asked that all the McDonnell Douglas helicopters that it leases be taken out of service on Monday until maintenance checks are carried out.

This follows an incident when a rotor tail fault developed on the aircraft operated by the London Air Ambulance, which can cause a sudden drop in height.

A spokesman for Wiltshire Police said: "We have been asked that the helicopter is grounded until the component involved can be checked.

"Hopefully this will be carried out later on today, but possibly not until tomorrow. The aircraft will remain grounded until then."

safety comes first of course as ever....... lets hope it wont be grounded for  long. its a very useful and nessecary bit of kit, if you call call the air ambulance a bit of kit..
i support the air ambulance as  often as i can... always take my things i no  longer need there.... i was at a car  banger racing in southwick a few years ago when it was needed desperatly..... it arrived and sadly the poor man later died from his burns... we as a family with young kids were distraught as was all theothers also present at the time.... it was shocking absolutly  shocking... we never went to one ever again after that and i wont