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new years eve
« on: December 31, 2010, 12:51:10 pm »
well.. here we are another year about to end as another one opens it's doors to us.   whats your plans for tonight??   do you make resoloutions and do you keep to them??? whats your plans for the new year ahead....

me??  im having friends round tonight instead of going out...  im not well still and really dont feel like going out....   ive been cooking since i got back from work this morning..trying to get it all done so i can then go and have a soak int he bath and then a kip( or should it be kip first then bath? )   looking forward to it :)

 the new year?  i hope it holds much the same as the past one has which is  health and happiness first....   this year has been quite peaceful and i would like it to stay this way for the following year to come :)

if i dont see you then....  HAPPY NEW YEAR to you .....  health and happiness always.....   [beer]  [beer]