Author Topic: Wiltshire Council, where everybody matters. Not so their children, apparently  (Read 1279 times)

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I had to accompany a young lady to the offices in Bradley Road yesterday morning.  Also in my care were a 2 year old & a nine month old, who I put in the small soft play area. Whilst they were in there, the little one was sick, only a tiny bit, so I grabbed a couple of baby wipes to clean it up. Miraculously a bright yellow patch appeared on the mat & the baby wipes turned BLACK.

Naturally, In removed the kids & approached the bloke who was dealing with the girl & asked if the play area ever ever got cleaned. "It should do" he said.  I told him that I already knew that it should do, and that the question was DID it? He said he would look into it.

Nothing happened for the next hour or so. If anyone happens to be passing that way, perhaps you could take a look, I know I will. 

I wonder what the council inspectors would say if it was in a private nursery.  >:(

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cant say im surprised to be honest wanderlust....    im also surprised its still there to be honest as a lot of play areas and toys and books have been removed from dentists and doctors surgery with notes about infection control and / or  health and safety