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Re: uniform
« Reply #1 on: August 28, 2011, 13:16:51 pm »
im all in favour for uniforms  BUT they should be affordable for all.    i never saw the point of buy a pique top with school emblem on it for a tenner a go when it was under a jumper also with the emblem on.     what about having one  to wear one clena and one in the wash???  you certainly wouldnt be able to do that... i would rather have bought plain pique tops and a jumper... but when the jumpers are 15 quid plus as was the last matraver 's jumper i had to buy it really takes the micky when you need more than one to start with and especially if you have more than one child... gets rather expensive....     is there really a need for blazers these days??   they are just another added expense    .  they need to be sensible and easily bought nOT just from one specialist shop where they have the monopoly to charge what price they like, then there is the pe kits too... also with the logo on...more expense... its not cheap these days to kit out kids for school and thats before you have to buy pens pencils maths kits art kits bags shoes trainers football boots and certain books..then there is the MUST GO trips!!!!
boy am i glad that is now all over used to be such a head ache for me trying to provide it all  out of just my child benefit and part time nursery job  :(