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Re: storms
« Reply #60 on: February 19, 2014, 13:21:03 PM »
I whole number of issues have caused the floods, not least the freak weather. Dredging, building on flood plains, under investment, poor land managemant a few of he things that have contributed to the flooding.
Back on topic then, it's vital that government learn from this period, they need to accept that there is climate change, that this country has to invest in flood and river management, an not continue to waste money on clear, and clean up operations.
I have to say though that with this government, it's unlikely, they will continue to patch, rather than replace, to bodge, rather than properly repair, and leave it to their successors pay the price.

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Re: storms
« Reply #61 on: February 19, 2014, 19:08:05 PM »
Michael, I agree that climate change is probably taking place.

However, I believe this is part of a cyclical event, and the contribution of man is not proved (consider the effect of the prime atmospheric pollution - the Industrial Revolution)! 

Until politicians and others accept that any climate change is cyclical and has been for millions of years (ice ages - global warming - ice ages - global warming, etc, etc), and that people will not change this (only nature will change it when it is good and ready) and spend the limited resources available on mitigating the effects instead of wasting ¬£billions on "pie in the sky" dreams (cutting carbon footprints, etc, etc), there is no hope! 

Sadly the green die hards have already won the war with politicians (their arguments, whilst not shown to be accurate, have provided an excellent excuse to raise taxes) and some, including those with political connections to all the three main political parties, are getting very rich without any benefit to the rest of mankind!!

Sadly, this green crap started with one Margaret Thatcher when she wanted (and obtained the necessary "expert" reports) to prove that the coal mining industry was creating an environmental problem!!
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