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--- Quote from: Debs on April 01, 2016, 17:12:56 pm ---Shame its to be sold for housing .....  Was a beautiful building in its heyday   :(  as well people losing their jobs ...I see the mod in bath is also going the same way ...  All been knocked down already and ready for building .. There was a report on the TV news last night funnily enough that I watched .  some aren't going to move despite them trying to be bought out .. One chap is digging his heels in and staying put so he says ..   He said they can build around him ..he isn't budging ...wonder how desperate they want his land and how much they will be forced to go to

Like I said ...shame to be houses that we don't need ..we haven't got the amenities to cope with what we have already  ..

--- End quote ---
Yes all gone in Bath, Warminster Road, Fox Hill, at Combe Down, and Ensleigh, which was Landsdown, also gone is HQ Land at Wilton.
The closure of these sites will have had a significant effect on local economies, despite the fact that they have been replaced by housing.

I have heard that this is not closing now, does anyone know if this is true.

I've not heard anything and I can't find anything online mentioning this.

The current ongoing process to update the Wiltshire Council local development plan with new housing land allocations has, quite remarkably, managed to leave Westbury out altogether apart from some very small areas far from the Leighton House estate.

So, the MOD would not get planning permission for the land south of the A350 (which is protected from development within a special landscape area designation which is all about the Salisbury Plain escarpment and surrounding landscape) and the value of the land on the northern side (within the tall stone walls) would be limited anyway by the time lots of trees are protected and bearing in mind the listed status of Leighton House itself.

Also, I've noticed that some Ministers have started to talk up the need to spend 3% of GDP into our military defence forces rather than stay at 2%, albeit taking 10 years to reach the higher burn rate.

And, there is a need to improve recruitment overall including getting new Army officers through the system.

So, I am just guessing when I think that it may not be any surprise if Defence Estates thinks any time soon that selling its Leighton House House estate (which focuses on Army Officer selection) may not be such a bright idea afterall ...

The disposal date is currently 2024 according to the DIO.



Thanks to both of your replies.


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