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New fish and chip restaurant

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I see someone has applied for planning permission for a fish and chip restaurant where the co-op bank used to be.

Like we need another resturant and takeaway in the high fact in westbury..there is already a fish and chip shop in the highstreet . Why another one ? . We are full of cafes, takeaways and charity shops and estate agents..   Where are the shops we need to buy our everyday items from ? Again , where is a post office that is easily accesible  to everyone ?   Its no wonder when people go out of town to the banks they do their other shopping there at the same time . I know we get told if you dont use it you lose it but it would be nice to have it in the first place .

 I heard a rumour via one of the spotted westbury facebook pages that the lloyds bank was closing towards the end of the year as well ... is this true?  If so it will leave our town and surrounding villages without a bank to access and only the one cashpoint machine outside morrisons and the one at tesco in leighpark

I believe there are cashpoints at Lloyds Bank. the fuel station, OneStop and Tesco Express in Trowbridge Road as well as Morrisons and the Leigh Park Tesco Express. In addition, the PO at The Ham, Dilton and Bratton act like cashpoints when you put your card into the card reader at any counter. Also, McColls gives cashback for the smallest of transactions.

One of the facts about Westbury that locals seem amazingly slow to grasp is that the town long ago became a commuter town where most people by far work and shop outside the town rather than in it. The consequence of this is entirely down to market forces. You'll know when Westbury High Street is ready to be knocked down when the cafes, restaurants, take-aways, estate agents and charity shops close down and get boarded up. I don't think this will actually happen. I think that eventually most other shops, except the supermarkets and mini-supermarkets, will close around town leaving most of it concentrated in High Street where it should be anyway ...

I too have seen rumours on Facebook about Lloyds Bank possibly closing. As far as I can tell it's all just rumour based on a suspicion that as Lloyds Bank will soon be the only one left that it must be the next one to go. This is a matter of plain logic but as for when it will happen I don't think anyone really knows ....  It's bound to be within a few years though ...

It seems some folk think that a decent Fish n Chip restaurant in the High Street will be a good thing that might actually entice new folk into the town centre ...

Apparently, the people involved already run other fish n Chip restaurants on the Dorset coast and know what they are doing. I assume they will be bring fresh fish up from the coast every day ....

This might be a good thing.

Old Codger:
I see that the proposed new Fish and Chip shop in the High Street did not materialise even though they had council permission with conditions, and the building is still to let,  perhaps this was all a Red Herring??


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