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With the Westbury Town Elections on July 12th I thought I pop in and see what was being Talked about all I see is Tumbleweed Hope all are ok and Support Your Labour Candidate on July 12th I will be posting some leaflets during the week since the last time I was here I have Joined the Labour Party.

I thought you were a Corbinista anyway.

I was a Labour supporter and I do like Jeremy Corbyn that didn't make join the Labour Party May, Johnson and Mogg made me join the Labour Party Russell.

Mike Hawkins:
You either like the Labour Party or you like Corbyn.  Which is it??

I like both Jeremy Corbyn and I like the Labour Party's politics so I can like both I don't see why I can like one or the other I hope the people of Oldfield Road, Bridge Court, Anne Close and Phoenix rise, Wyvern Walk and Great Roc road read the leaflet I left you today with my Wife it was a warm walk  ;D felt like old times when I was a postman I did try and not deliver to people who wanted no canvasser's sorry if you got one by mistake.



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