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I  read with some concern that yellow lines maybe introduced in the Tynings, something really needs to be done but its only the one or two selfish home owners that do not use their drives for their cars. the problem is that all those homes on the Warminster road, from the Chalford hotel to the RCB believe the tynings is there parking space, directly causing a danger to traffic and pedestrians alike.
yellow lines i do not think will solve this issue but make it worse, for those that live here

Your local Wiltshire Councillor is Gordon King. Your concerns about The Tynings should be directed to him.

You will also be able to take part in the public consultation, but as that takes place after the decision to proceed, you may prefer to speak to Gordon ...

A public road Dorian, doesn't matter where people live they are entitled to park on it.

so for example, you would have no qualms in people creating a road hazard by parking cars outside a line of properties whilst living many yards from where they live. interesting!
i respect your view and have no problem with you making it, but equally i wholeheartedly believe you are incorrect

Is it more hazardous to park a car on the road if you don't live in the area then?


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