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Actually, there is no right to park on a highway except in marked parking areas on the terms stated.

It is simply that the Police will not fine anyone or move the vehicle unless the parked vehicle is causing a nuisance (the police will decide if it is causing a sufficient nuisance).

i think it bloody inconsiderate to park a vehicle in an are that you do not live in, bloody inconsiderate, especially as there is parking a few extra yards to walk if the parked accordingly

When you buy a house, do you buy the road in front of it? No.

That said I have great sympathy here. My driveway holds all the cars in the household and I wouldn't have it any other way. If I were in charge of the country (dont panic, I'm not) I'd not allow anyone without a parking space to own a car.

In a nutshell Dorian, you are happy for local residents to park outside a line of houses causing a hazard but not other people. What a weird logic.  If cars parked on a road are causing a hazard it doesn't matter the postcode of the driver, you should be welcoming the double yellow lines in order to prevent the hard you describe.

ok. ok
travel down the Alfred street from the bratton road and you will see a Black audi parked illegally next to a house, there is no way a ambulance or anything else could pass to continue its journey, so therefore, no weird logic at all. just inconsiderate car owners who think they can park where thy wish. maybe you do not see the dangers that i refer to


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