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Bob DeBilda:
I have had a new Plug-in Hybrid car now for a few weeks which apart from anything else saves me quite a bit in tax.

I'll have to see how much it's costing to charge everyday before I can say how much it's saving me in fuel costs though. It does make you slightly paranoid though because you find yourself constantly looking at the battery life wondering how much further you can get before the engine cuts in. Range anxiety it's called!

The infrastructure is not here yet for total electric. Nothing worse than running out of battery and nowhere to recharge... you would have to plan journeys very carefully.
I think the governments target of all electric cars by 2040 is optimistic.

I am London congestion charge exempt now.  ;D

They seem to be ridiculously expensive and unreliable for long journeys as well ....

You must have money to burn ...

on my way back from Huntington last week, there was a massive Pile up and as a result we did not move for an hour, two Prius had ran out of life due to the unexpected delay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Range, Cost of Replacement batteries and their life span are issues at the moment.

If manufactures could get their heads together and make a standard battery that could be swapped in and out then you could have the situation where you could go to a garage and just swap a dead battery for a freshly charged one. You would never own the battery (a bit like the calor gas bottles) you just paid to swap a dead one for a fresh one.

Bob DeBilda:

--- Quote from: baldy on November 01, 2018, 19:26:45 PM ---They seem to be ridiculously expensive and unreliable for long journeys as well ....

You must have money to burn ...

--- End quote ---

I don't agree. They are no more expensive on long journeys than any other car, petrol or diesel engined. They come into their own on shorter journeys though of less than 30 miles

As for reliability, with newer engine technology, probably more reliable

I wish I did have money to burn! :-[


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