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Matravers have not had a good OFSTED report


See OFSTED report PDF here:

I was a local authority governor at Matravers School, Westbury, for 5 years until mid-2015. I resigned just after the last full OFSTED Inspection and draft report which labelled the school as "GOOD".

At that time, I was convinced that my work as a governor was effectively done as the school had an excellent new head teacher and the governing body was packed with real experts including former education officers from Wiltshire Council who definitely knew how to keep the head teacher and his team on their toes.

So ... I am really surprised at this outcome now. I do wonder what went wrong and why OFSTED has decided to give the school and leadership team a real kicking this time ...

John GL:
Having read the full report, I find the overall rating surprising!  Based on the comments in the report, it appears that "Good" would have been more appropriate.  I'm not surprised that the school is unhappy with Ofsted.

Could I ask if either of you have had children studying at this school lately?

I can safely say neither of us have children who went to Matravers recently, though I know people with kids there.

One of the problems in Westbury is that some parents are very poor at supporting the school which is trying to raise all sorts of standards including good behaviour and some even seem to make it their mission to complain endlessly about the school to undercut it and help to cause disruption.


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