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Its like Brexit in here dead has a dodo.  :laugh:

ok , ramp it up
westbury town  dying due to conservatives policies  .......... Bollocks
much rather have safer roads through our , so called town, than the wondrous Christmas lights
great to see new shop open in westbury...................................sincerely hope it works for them, i mean the vape shop
actually, of all the towns in Wiltshire that i have passed through i believe melksham to be the best.
still cant find a shop in westbury to by the missus a pair of knickers
still have to go to Dilton marsh to get large letter weighed and posted,  is that down to the conservatives too ........................Bollocks
have to cash my cheques, .................................................where!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Christmas to one and all.... maybe its my upcoming birthday when i realise  that my so called pension is worth bugger all.... obviously down to the conservatives too

God bless Mrs May
as a great Conservative leader once said....
if your going through hell.........just keep going

Eight years of a conservative government and there are 14 million people living below the poverty line, 8.2 million working-age adults, 4.1 million are children and 1.9 million are pensioners.
In Wiltshire the conservative Wiltshire Council continue to cut services, and because of cuts in funding from national government have, and will continue to increase local taxation.
The economic policies of the government have created this situation and it's sad that millions still refuse to accept this fact. Tory austerity has deliberately kept wages and living standards low, and have forced local authorities to reduce spending on schools, on policing, and on the public services.
Selling off of Royal Mail and the Post Office and other once publicly own services is the reason we don't have the levels of service that we should, or have had in the past.
Reduced spending power has resulted in cuts in high street spending and with the large online companies being allowed to avoid and evade tax have created an uneven playing field.
To add to this a conservative government gave us a referendum without planning for the inevitable problems and have failed miserably in negotiations with the EU to reach a satisfactory outcome.
God help Mrs May I say and advise her "when your in a hole, stop digging", call a GE and let the people decide.


Can you explain what real hardship really is. i know that you know we are breeding children into a society of families that the parents have never worked but scrounge on the welfare, we all know those that  they have never lifted a finger, to find employment, but  stay in their homes watching their 53 inch tv
Not having the money to buy food or clothing is hardship, and as a result of our wonderful welfare state, many poor souls  are being looked after. and yes, i have worked as a Samaritan to support those genuine individuals who have nothing, forget labour/Tory/liberal. what we need is a national party that wants the best for the Uk(AND I DONT MEAN NATIONALIST AS WE ONCE KNEW IT)
All parties  have earned their Brownie points in the past 100 years, there are individuals on all sides, that if sat together could make the UK great once again

May is useless actually she is Nebulas Its True and the Tories are ripping themselves apart and I am just watching it happen thank God perhaps she can get a smiling Photo in the papers with Raab and Rudd Opening another food Bank before she's dragged out of No 10 that's the only way she will leave before this country is brought to its knees in March .



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