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Re: Tumbleweed
« Reply #45 on: January 03, 2019, 17:36:17 PM »
I understand the point that you make, but I believe that having seen the result of the leadership vote of MPs Mrs Leadsom concluded she would be unable to defeat Mrs May in the members vote.
We should remember that Conservative Party members are in the main elderly and indeed could be described as a dying breed. Mrs May is very much an old school Conservative, and as such would have, and still does have an appeal to the majority of members.
Mrs Leadsom's faux pa was suggesting that as a mother she would make a better leader than the childless Theresa May, Leadsom got a lot of stick for that as she did for her apparently altered cv where it is suggested she exaggerated her role in the city.
She has a good following amongst the younger party members and certainly the BREXITEERS would have supported her, but she did have a spat with Scottish Tory Leader Ruth Davison who has a real following in the party.
I agree with your assessment of Mrs May although she did hold a number of Shadow Cabinet posts and has some very influential friends in the party.
Lets face it there is hardly a surplus of talent in the Tory party at least with a public face, perhaps if they could find someone as inspirational as Jeremy Corbyn membership would increase and perhaps even the calibre of potential leaders.
Who can tell.