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Bloody Roadworks

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ok, going to have a Dorian moment.

The roadworks on the A350 just north of Lidl roundabout are back, and causing chaos.

This simple civil engineering job seems to have turned in to  nightmare. Firstly it over ran by weeks due to some clown either designing it too small, or being built too small. Now they are closing it to install street lights. You couldn't make it up.

Either lights weren't planned to start with, or the clowns forgot to install and run the electricity cables to them when building the roundabout earlier on in the year.

Out of interets do these companies get penalised financially for causing disruption due to their own incompetence?

Wiltshire Council refused this development including the roadworks (including the roundabout design) at the planning application stage.

The developer appealed and the planning inspector permitted the development including all the ridiculous roundabout design flaws and the lack of pavement along the A350 on the correct side of the road into the town.

The highway officers have been pressing the developer to improve the design including lighting etc and these works are now happening ...

All that nice turf they laid has just been dug up.   Surely the lights should have the first thing put in when the roundabout was being done right at the start !!
The traffic has been a nightmare. Today i was in the queue there for a good 15 mins. A very large lorry was stopped across the roundabout. Stopping cars from going  to bitham park from the nmead and vice versa.
To have 2 main roads with traffic lights at the same time surely has to be bad planning. The queue for the ham 4 way lights went right down station road and oldfield road right up to the last traffic calming before you get to the end of the houses where mr tout lives.  . I was due to pick up a passenger in oldfield road and chose to go eden vale leigh park to be able to access the house i needed.  Bad job that a road works  queue  took in 5 roundabouts and 2 roads  in one direction and god only knows how bad it was on the lidl roundabout. I only saw the mead and bitham / lidl roundabout    and no one actually working there .   Luckily they packed away for the 5pm rush hour so coming home was quite painless

Bob DeBilda:

Thanks Russell, I suspect the planning inspectors are being urged by the government to push through applications, despite the concerns of local councils. I have no planning experience but even I could foresee the issues.


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