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More Wilts Air Ambulance woes.


Spotted on an avaition related forum

" Heli-charter, the AOC holder and maintenance provider for Wiltshire Air Ambulance have ceased trading as of today.

This of course means that the AOC for Wiltshire Air Ambulance has disappeared and that they are now no longer able to operate until that's resolved. On top of that there has recently been ANOTHER very similar tail rotor incident on their Bell 429, G-WLTS. An additional issue now of course is that there are no engineers available to look into it! "

AOC = Air Operators Certificate.   Will be following this with interest.

Statement from the WAA charity here :
Not sure if the GWAA provides some cover in emergencies?

Bob DeBilda:
Seems like this service will be up and running again by Friday

This is an invaluable service that receives no government funding !


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