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New to the area, buying a home in Westbury. What's the area like for a family?

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Good morning, my family and myself are new to the Wiltshire area. We are currently living near Neston as I work at MOD Corsham. We looked in the local area as we wanted to buy. Westbury looks nice and you get a fair amount of house for your money. My wife works in Bath so it seems a good location for both of us.

I'm from Yorkshire so don't really have any background of the area. What are peoples thoughts on Westbury? Do people rate the Schools? Any crime issues I should be aware of?

Thank you, look forward to moving in the near future.

Firstly, commiserations re. MOD Corsham, been there, done that and Shabbywood! :-)
Secondly, welcome to the area.

Regarding Westbury and crime, probably no better or worse than similar towns around the area. 
You should be aware that the town is undergoing something of a boom in residential development with little corresponding increase in supporting infrastructure.
My children are long past school age so can't comment on that aspect.
The town is well placed for rail links but the road infrastructure leaves something to be desired, a bypass long overdue.
Ultimately, it is what you make of it, there are plenty of groups, clubs and organisations to join,  local walks etc.

Good primary schools. The one secondary school, Matravers, has been improving over the last decade and is now fairly average with aims to get back to "Good" and eventually outstanding. It recently was told by OFSTED to improve due to some issues with special needs kids not getting enough resources or attention etc. Some parents send their secondary kids to Kingdown in Warminster and others go to John of Gaunt in Trowbridge.

The town suffers from being close to three larger towns, so the shopping system has declined down to a basic offer of 3 supermarkets and convenience stores with one butcher, lots of estate agents, no banks when the last closes shortly, lots of takeaways etc. Most folk shop in nearby towns or go to Bath for fashion etc.

Westbury is now a commuter town and house prices reflect that. Unfortunately, lots of folk pretend that the town is not a commuter town and keep bleating on about the town not getting the services that larger towns obviously tend to get in an age when networks of services are tending towards larger bases through closing smaller branches and moving towards fewer but larger bases.

I agree with Pugwash that there are many clubs and societies and its really up to you to join and take part or not. Further different clubs exist in Warminster and Trowbridge as they are larger more successful towns serving much wider hinterlands.

Road and rail connections are really good, ignoring the fact that we need a bypass which may take another 10 years to arrive ...

It's easy to get to either the M4 or A303/ M3 for east - west travel or the A350 or A36 for north -south travel and of course we've got the two main railway lines plus the other line going towards Chippenham and Swindon going in all practical directions via our local station which will soon have a larger car park.

Crime is low and similar to other rural towns though in the 70s, 80s and 90s it gained a reputation for several shocking murders or attempted murders  including a female killing a love rival (the wife and mother of young children) and a petrol station attendant being blasted in the face with a shotgun (the old petrol station is now the Aldi).

I would say it all happens in Westbury, including murders from time to time and sados getting caught with child porn and spending time in prison before being seen about town again ... there's quite a few about ...

Quite a large Jehovahs's Witness group about. Also, many mainstream christian churches and chapels with all sorts of social activities for those involved ...

Good country walks around the town, especially up on the downs between Upton Scudamore and Erlestoke etc

Hi BobbyT...welcome to the area.
We have lived in Westbury since 1996 love it & the people & have no intentions of leaving anytime soon.
We are very blessed to be surrounded by such beautiful countryside.
Crime is very low compared to neighbouring towns, touching wood in all our time here we have not had reason to contact the police or had them to our door.
People on the whole are very friendly.
Yes the town could do with a bit of regeneration but as Baldy says we have large towns around us & I previously came from a village in the midlands surrounded by cottage towns so am used to going further afield if I want more than the weekly neccesities.
House prices are good, they have started to overtake Trowbridge which used to be more expensive probably due to over development & too many rabbit warrens of new estates.
I think Westbury housing stock has a good balance between modern & period properties & there is something here for everyones housing tastes.
Agreed nusery/ schooling to 11 year olds is excellent, the secondary school got a mush needed kick up the backside recently so should be back on the up.
The trains are took my ex employer longer to get across London to Canary Warf than it did to travel from Westbury!
Good luck in your research & welcome 'down south'

welcome. to get a balanced view of the town i suggest you look at all threads on this forum,.
I have lived and the family farmed here for generations, and safe to say set in beautiful countryside the town itself has not kept up with other fast developing towns close by. plenty of clubs etc,
Yes, westbury does offer good value for money for housing, no doubt, and the rail links excellent,


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