Shamima Begum by the journalist who found her: 'We should bring her home.

Started by Maxi, February 23, 2019, 08:33:41 AM

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just like Brexit!!! a true dichotomy , 50% would want her back to face justice, the other just let her stay where she is. However, other countries are refusing to take her. she has shown no remorse, but equally could we learn anything about ISIS, now that they are a spent force
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To be fair, if she comes back it would overly concern me, just prefer she didn't. She turned her back on this country and our values so as far as I'm concerned she can  **** off. This goes to everyone who went there to fight.

However I fully understand we can't make her stateless, she is our problem so if she comes back so be it.
Artificial Intelligence is no match for Natural Stupidity.

Bob DeBilda

I don’t have any extreme views on this unlike a lot of comments I see on other media . I have read comments like “let her and her baby rot in hell “ or “bring her back, put her on trial and then behead her”
But actually if you read the article Maxi posted it puts a good case as to why she should be allowed back. Not to live a normal life as she could, directly or indirectly be a danger, but by Having her in gaol and unable to influence/radiate others. we could then by interrogation learn things about terrorists we don’t know.

Another thought is that if we left her and others in Middle East camps they and their offspring could be the future face of terrorism.

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