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Frome named in top 10 places to live in south west, according to Sunday Times

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The town was described as 'free-spirited' and 'pretty'

I can't see Westbury Ever Getting On this List.
What Would Westbury Have to Do To Achieve This Honour.?

Relocate to anywhere that is not close to a larger town that sucks most of the retail trade out of Westbury that is not already sucked out by the nearest regional centre (Bath).

westbury Bath 15. 5 miles
frome Bath... 14 miles

Bob DeBilda:
Southville, Bristol in 2nd place?


--- Quote from: DORIAN on April 14, 2019, 11:13:45 am ---westbury Bath 15. 5 miles
frome Bath... 14 miles

--- End quote ---

You've missed the point.

Frome is successful because it is a large town with no other larger town nearby sucking out the retail spend more than the nearest regional centre does anyway ...

Westbury is surrounded either by the Salisbury Plain (where no trade occurs) or three larger nearby towns.

You might need this spelt out for you - Trowbridge, Frome and Warminster are bigger than and near Westbury.  They suck away the retail trade.


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