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Tory Leadership contest


Bob DeBilda:
I've been reviewing the candidates and based on members of this forums criteria for what credentials a Prime Minister should have, I've ruled them all out for the following reasons;

1. Michael Gove: A coke head plus he's embarassingly ugly
2. Matt Hancock: A name that can be made fun of plus a silly smile
3. Mark Harper: Chartered accountant and we all know what happens when accountants try to run things!
4. Jeremy Hunt: Need I say more? Rhymes with....
5. Sajid Javid: Bald!!
6. Boris Johnson: (BoJo to his friends - oh wait..) Looks and acts like a clown therefore....
7. Andrea Leadsom: Lead or Led? confusing. Should have gone to specsavers and talks too much.
8. Esther McVey: Should have stuck to breakfast TV and wears too much makeup. Could be too pretty for a PM?
9. Dominic Rabb: Annoying speech impediment. Everything he says is annoying!
10. Rory Stewart: Just looking at him makes you laugh. Wide mouthed frog comes to mind?

So there we are: no real contenders at all

 :D :D :D :D :D

Bob DeBilda:
Final two:





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