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Wiltshire Councillor for Ethandune, Jerry Wickham, has passed away


Sadly, the Wiltshire Councillor for the villages around Westbury (Ethandune Division), Jerry Wickham, passed away last night.
It is my understanding that a by-election must be held by law and the process for this will not commence until after his funeral.
I imagine that the funeral details will follow in due course.

I've copied here the statements that have been circulated amongst Wiltshire Councillors etc:

We are sad to confirm that former Wiltshire Council cabinet member and councillor Jerry Wickham passed away yesterday (23 July 2019) from prostate cancer.
Please see statements below from Wiltshire Council's executive directors and the council leader.

Statement from Wiltshire Council executive directors:
"We are deeply saddened that Jerry has passed away.
"Jerry had advanced prostate cancer but his illness did not define him, but what did was his integrity, values and his skill as a cabinet member. His knowledge of his brief and his ability to drive improvements in this council was second to none.
"He was respected as a councillor, cabinet member and more importantly a person, and will be terribly missed by all who knew him. He was particularly passionate about adult social care and one of his lasting legacies will be the transformed service that is supporting many people in the county.
"Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers among men, and we're in no doubt Jerry will want us to continue to raise awareness of this illness which robs so many people of their loved ones, so if anyone need any advice and support please visit

Our thoughts are with Jerry's wife Suzanne, their sons and his friends at this very sad time."
Alistair Cunningham, Carlton Brand and Terence Herbert

Statement from Philip Whitehead, leader of Wiltshire Council:
"Jerry was a close friend and a fantastic colleague for many years. As a councillor and cabinet member Jerry always put others before him and was wholeheartedly committed to his local community and Wiltshire. Jerry felt duty bound to serve the public and that was evident in a very distinguished career with the police before representing Wiltshire Council.

"The plan was for Jerry to be leader of the council and I his deputy, and I wish more than anything that's what could have happened as he would have been a great leader.
"Our love and condolences go to Jerry's family and friends and the thoughts of everyone at Wiltshire Council are with them. We shall miss him terribly."

I attended a very beautiful service in celebration of Jerry's life in Devizes a fortnight ago. The parish church in Devizes was packed out. I think most attendees were former and current police officers including 6 current and former chief constables for Wiltshire.

The by-election for Ethundune division will take place on Thursday 19th September.

I am aware that Jerry's widow, Suzanne Wickham, another former senior police officer, will be the Conservative candidate. I've seen emails written by Suzanne for consumption by parish councillors across Ethandune villages (around Westbury) explaining her intentions.

I am in no doubt that Suzanne is as serious and professional as Jerry was in her approach to providing a service to Ethandune residents.

Nominations from candidates to run in the by-election need to be submitted by today. I am not aware of anyone apart from Suzanne who will run - certainly no-one I personally know and would help and support in any ground campaign intends to run.


I see that 2 candidates have been nominated for the by-election. One is a LibDem.

I imagine that the LibDems have a policy of always putting up a candidate in elections at principal authority (major council) level and above now.

I am sure that Suzanne Wickham will walk it.


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