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What will you be stockpiling?

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Bookmakers Paddy Power are offering odds on what will be rationed first after Brexit.
The betting firm are offering 12/1 that food rationing will be officially introduced by the end of 2019.
And they're taking bets on what household items will be restricted first.
Fuel is the favourite, at 4/1, followed by Milk at 11/1.
Avocados are in third place at 13/1.
Further down the list, a white wine clampdown is 33/1. Gin rationing is priced at 50/1 and chicken at 66/1.
Bottom of the list are Mars Bars at 150/1. During his leadership campaign, Boris Johnson opened almost every event he spoke at with a joke about Mars Bars being available after Brexit, saying "where there's a will, there's a whey."
Separately, Paddy Power are offering 11/4 on KFC having to shut down UK branches due to a shortage of chicken.
Industry experts yesterday warned Britain faces fresh food shortages for months if a chaotic no-deal Brexit leaves perishable produce rotting in lorries at ports.
The Food and Drink Federation (FDF) called on the government to pause competition laws to allow firms to co-ordinate and direct supplies with each other in the event of no deal.
Doing so is illegal, as the law stands, and companies engaging in such practices risk being fined by the Competition and Markets Authority.
The FDF said: "We asked for these reassurances at the end of last year, but we're still waiting."
Retailers such as Tesco have warned that leaving the European Union on October 31 without a trade deal would be hugely problematic for the industry as much of the fresh produce is imported and warehouses are stocked full ahead of Christmas.

Yup, Theresa May left us with the worst possible time of year to BREXIT ... definitely no surprise there with that utterly useless and scandalously talentless PM (I blame senior Tory MPs who backed her to be PM when she was totally unsuitable for very high office at a time of national crisis).

I've been watching TV interviews (eg. on Newsnight) this week with food retail experts who basically said that there will be plenty of food all around, but there may be shortages of a few products. The best example given was that out of a dozen or so different types of bags of flour, 2 or 3 might not always be available but alternatives would be available.

The biggest threat appears to be people stocking up and actually causing local shortages that are actually unnecessary.

It's typical of Remoaners to stir up fear and actually cause panic buying and fear so as to then cause totally unnecessary shortages in shops.

An Irish bookmaker predicting food shortages and trying to spread FUD after Brexit? Who'd have thought it?

Yep, with 1.8 million dairy cows in the UK milk is sure gonna be scarce.

Bob DeBilda:

--- Quote from: Pete on August 10, 2019, 11:54:43 am ---An Irish bookmaker predicting food shortages and trying to spread FUD after Brexit? Who'd have thought it?

--- End quote ---

I had to google spreading FUD

I’d never heard of that acronym before but it would make sense that a staunch Brexiteer would know and use it freely in a sentence. After all that’s what they have been doing for years.


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