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600+ guests simultaneously looking at WTF today! WHY ???


I've noticed that this forum has a very high number of guests looking at it at the moment.

Currently, there are 483 guests in total looking at this forum. About an hour ago, there were over 600 guests looking in total at the same time.

Half an hour ago, there were over 100 looking at our Brexit thread. A dozen or so were looking at my thread about me as a former town councillor and false allegations etc ...

Why the sudden and massive interest in WTF today?

It can't just be my two earlier posts today, surely?

Here is a screenshot.

In fact, the screenshot shows that we hit 637 guests and users, which is a record for this forum.


Bob DeBilda:
Al will probably know. My guess is bots.

Either that or they’re all fascinated by your exciting allegations thread🙄


--- Quote from: Bob DeBilda on August 22, 2019, 19:26:59 pm ---. My guess is bots.

--- End quote ---
Yup. Spiders /Bots. Mostly index crawlers from places that you’ve never heard of. No idea what they do with all the data.


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