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Is the Gender Pay Gap wide enough? Discuss.


Just for a bit of controversy for once (ahem) ...

Obviously, women are not as good as men at many jobs, so its obvious they are going to be paid less  especially if they are about to take lots of time off for babies while they are young   ....

Why should weaker female police officers be allowed to put their male colleagues at more risk when tackling criminals and the males have to work harder to nab criminals because the weak females can't tackle strong criminals to the ground etc ...

🤣🤣 how to make friends & influence people....I know many of the opposite sex or of the same sex even could not  do my job as well as I do so think I am safe  🤣🤣

I think there is a general reduction in the physical size / strength of police officers, male or female. I was watching the news last week covering the funeral of the policeman killed in the Reading area and was truck by how small in stature most of them were, regardless of the sex.

Bob DeBilda:
Disregarding the police force for now as that job is too diverse to say whether males/ females should be paid equally. Depends what they are tasked to do at the time.

there are plenty of jobs women can do better than men but if they are doing exactly the same job, such as reading the news from an autocue, the pay should be the same. There are few jobs that can be done equally as well though.
To say men and women should be paid the same for doing the same job is in my humble opinion Is wrong because men can do the same job better than women and vise versa. In the same way some men are better at other men doing the same job as other men

I do believe women should not be penalised because they have to have a break to have babies although I can understand why this could cause a problem in some jobs.

I think you are spot on.


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