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Idiot murderer died - so "Good Riddance" then!


Daily Mail:


Idiot driver kills a young woman on the A36 at Black Dog Hill by Chapmanslade in horrific crash involving ludicrous speeding on wrong side of the road and then dies himself ....

I am so disgusted with this moron and murderer that I'm happy to say "Good riddance" to the fact that he has himself removed himself from the roads and everywhere else too ...

Dashcam footage showing the moron overtaking at break neck speed, crossing solid white line in pissing rain.

Totally arrogant ,  aggressive and moronic driving . The video clip i saw was disgusting . Tipping down with rain , and breakneck speeds  and he was overtaking the double white lines .  Its about time something was done with that road and make it just two lane traffic both directions. Take away thaT lane that both sides can use. Its a dezth trap as has been proven time and time again .  This was a terrible accident which has taken the innocent life of a pregnant lady and her baby which was  only 2 weeks away from being born.
How the drivers wife can still stand  by him by her comment is beyond me. Yes i know he died too. Her comments were insensitive very insensitive


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