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Started by Bob DeBilda, November 04, 2019, 10:33:46 AM

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Bob DeBilda

There are about 50 MP's not standing at the next General Election which in fact is below average so not shocking.

But what is shocking is that a lot of them, mostly women, are citing the reason as being the abuse they have received after the Brexit vote.

Is this a genuine reason or are they all being 'snowflakes' ?  has abuse always been part of being an MP?
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I think some are using the abuse thing as an excuse, some are ones that defected who have little or no hope of getting re-elected. Much easier to cite that as the reason than suffer the humiliation of not being elected.
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Most of the MPs retiring or standing down before normal retirement age this time have simply accepted that they have lost the argument with their own party about their party's Brexit direction or have other fundamental differences with their party's leadership. In other words, their political career would stagnate as an MP and would not involve any promotion to a select committee or cabinet position etc, which involves extra pay.

In many cases, they can't be bothered to fight an election which they know they would lose anyway as their Brexit position is the wrong way around for their constituency ...

I am well pleased to see that Amber Rudd, Oliver Letwin, Justine Greening and Philip Hammond have gone.  Good riddance to them.

I am just as pleased to see Tom Watson slink off after his disgraceful support for that serial liar Nick the paedophile who falsely accused a range of folk of dreadful stuff ...
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