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Far too many badgers which eat hedgehogs + spread bovine tuberculosis

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Bob DeBilda:
I wouldn't say Badger numbers have spiraled out of control. That's a bit dramatic sounding. They've maybe recovered to pre 1970's numbers.

It's a complicated situation. Habitat change or loss of hedges and feeding grounds as well as Badgers (and other carnivores such as foxes) eating hedgehogs is partly responsible for hedgehog decline. A bigger cause is probably due to the increased use of pesticides which kill the hedgehog food. i.e. invertebrates. Invertebrates are also eaten by Badgers so if there is a reduction of invertebrates what's the Badger going to eat?

So, do we cull the Badgers to save the hedgehogs? Is it morally right to cull one indigenous species to save another?  Maybe the correct answer is restricting or even banning pesticides.

But there isn't sufficient evidence to say Badgers are the reason for Hedgehog decline anyway. I think this is just another lever for the NFU to push for more Badger culling because of the BTB which Badgers are a carrier of. Which incidentally the cows gave to them in the first place.

What's your beef (excuse the pun) with badgers baldy? You seem to have a bit of a downer on them.

The reasons are probably a bit more complicated. One thing's for sure it is our meddling that has either led to their increase or the hedgehog's demise.

Bob DeBilda:
They dug up some anthrax on his beloved Leigh Park a few years ago.

I think there are too many badgers now and they are causing far too many problems and do not need any protection as if they were ever in danger ...

Like deer, they need to be culled to keep their numbers down to a healthy number for their own good and to protect young trees (which are otherwise killed by deer eating their bark or leaves), given the amount of habitat left for them and the problems they cause like eating too many hedgehogs.

They actually cause all sorts of problems with their sets cropping up in all sorts of places and causing delays with building construction whilst permission is sorted to move the set ...

A few years ago, a badger set at Matravers School caused a year of delays to the construction of the new sixth form building.

I mention deer because they actually are culled ... though actually their numbers are still increasing to the extent that these days you can see them roaming about open fields rather than just in forests and large woods etc.

In recent years, I've noticed deer in the fields around Westbury, when in the past you would not have seen any unless you were up on the Plain or in Longleat Forest or another major wood ...


--- Quote from: Bob DeBilda on November 07, 2019, 15:54:34 pm ---They dug up some anthrax on his beloved Leigh Park a few years ago.

--- End quote ---

Actually, they dug up anthrax in a field by the River Biss at Storridge Farm next to the West Wilts Trading Estate, not Leigh Park.

It is possible that the anthrax upstream at the old Tannery, now buried under part of Leigh Park, was the original source of the anthrax which flowed downstream years ago ....

There was a separate issue when some extra houses were built at the far western end of Dartmoor Road, Leigh Park next to Black Horse Lane, though I think it was more a case of taking precautions because they were close to the old tannery site rather than any anthrax being dug up.


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