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Jimmy Crankie's dad is in trouble

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Bob DeBilda:
Well said Damnit, but

--- Quote from: Damnit on March 10, 2020, 16:14:08 pm --- I am quite happy before you fall off that high horse with my partner of 30 years & no plans as yet to trade him in.

--- End quote ---

I bet he's happy to hear that. How are the plans coming along?

 ;D [beer]

He's been acquitted


So, 10 Scottish women CAN lie with untrue claims about sexual assault!

I feel the need to apologise to Alex - SORRY!

I have to say that I've always had a really good opinion of Scottish women as one of my first girlfriends (1986-7) was Scottish and she was the only one ever where it started with her literally throwing herself at me and making it plain that I had no choice about it .... she was also a highly intelligent nurse (so I definitely have a thing about female nurses ... ... but I digress ... ).

I am really shocked.

Just shows what utter conniving bitches the female sex can be ....

Nicola Sturgeon: "Jury's verdict must be respected".

Pity she doesn't have the same respect for the Brexit referendum!


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