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Jimmy Crankie's dad is in trouble

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Well, if he is a 20 year old man, she would be 35+. That would be weird. I'd say he has Mummy issues and/or a serious sexual dysfunction, probably.
If he is 35, she would be over 50. I can only imagine this is possible if he is mentally damaged / deficient or physically incapable in some way and/ or she is stunningly beautiful and fit in a really exceptional way.

In this case, we are talking about Alex Salmond. Maybe he has a serious physical dysfunction and he will claim he is not capable of rape or even normal sex, so some of these women are making up rape claims.

Bob DeBilda:
There is 25 years between Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Is that weird? Has she got daddy issues? or a serious sexual dysfunction? Or is that a sexist comment?

It's quite normal for some women to be attracted to older men, especially if they are very good looking and / or rich and famous. Afterall, most men can produce children into their 60s and beyond, whilst biologically women cease to be fertile in their late 30s or sometime in their 40s ...

This is just the way the world goes around ...

I was mainly talking about Alex Salmond who bizarrely has a wife who is 17 years older than him and he has plainly gone about misbehaving with numerous women for a reason. I'm speculating that having a much older wife is not working for him  ... not least because it would not work for the vast majority of men who are hard-wired to look for women who are attractive and younger (or about the same age).

Oh dear god have you heard yourself Baldy? You think women over fifty are what...bit too wrinkly? Not attractive to anyone anymore? Past their use by date? I turned 50 last year, I am not only the most confident I have ever been but also by far in the best shape I have ever been in, as after doing the whole bringing up the family thing, it is now time for me, and I am not alone in this feeling. I am quite happy before you fall off that high horse with my partner of 30 years & no plans as yet to trade him in. I know plenty of women though who have married their *toyboy* 1stly best sex ever, 2ndly best sex ever....3rdly who needs a 3rd....?There is no weirdness to it, she finds younger men attractive...he finds older women attractive & vise versa... The saying that an over 50's man that has balding is a solar panel for a sex machine is however very sadly untrue 😂😂😂





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