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Cleveland Bridge Weight Restriction

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Whilst waiting around at the RUH yesterday, I picked up a copy of the Bath Echo dated Tuesday 12th November.  The headline story was regarding the imposition by BANES council of a weight restriction (18-tonne) on the Cleveland Bridge in Bath from January 2020, and that the council's  traffic management team is still developing alternative routes for vehicles exceeding the weight limit.

Haven't we been here before? 

All that will happen is that the diverted traffic will use the A350 making the traffic problems in Westbury so much worse.
Perhaps something to bear in mind when (if) visited by any canvassers of whatever complexion.

Well ... it will give the Westbury A350 bypass a stronger case for government funding than it already has ...

True, but it means suffering at least five years of increased traffic, as I understood that Wilts Councill will not be bidding for funding for a Westbury bypass until 2025.
The whole situation is a disgrace.

Why do you think there has been so much work done on the A350 over the last year or so?

Can we have a story in the local paper every time a lorry crossed the station bridge in Westbury too?


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