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New shop for trowbridge

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--- Quote from: Bob DeBilda on January 14, 2020, 10:23:09 am ---Bit ironic that the crack is in a block wall that was once occupied by an insurance broker. Presumably they didn't have insurance to get it repaired? But that's typical insurance companies for you. Always wriggling out of paying claims!

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I assume that no-one saw the crack until the name board came off 2 weeks ago.  It is for the landlord to sort this out now. They might have the previous tenant on the hook via the previous lease if it was a fully repairing lease.


--- Quote from: Bob DeBilda on January 14, 2020, 10:27:10 am ---Oh I forgot to say Debs. I hope your daughters baby business booms !  (baby boomer)  ;D

There used to be one down Maristow Street that I was always in with Mrs DeBilda getting stuff for the grandies. That was a great shop.

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Thank you  .  us too .   This is going to be different to the one in maristow street. This is all new items. No secondhand.  Katy is specializing in tiny and newborn / preemie babys mostly but other sizes available.  She  will be embroidering a lot of her items on request. Hopefully braching out to work logos / branding etc. There will also be handmade baby items.   My pom pom baby blankets and baby hats.

Well !,  the shop opened on feb 1st . So has been opened for just over a month . She is doing well so far.  Im very proud 9f what they have achieved so far between her and her partner gregg . Owner from unique signs and graphics.   He obviously does all the signs, posters , leaflets and business cards etc and a very good  job he has done..    all painted out inside and new shelving and units . It certainly doesnt look like the empty shop it was previously.
 If you haVe facebook then search tiny toes baby boutique to see all katy has to offer.    She starts from prem sizes upwards.. the age range will probably go higher once she has been there a bit longer and gauges what people want by their comments. So far comments have been encouraging and lovely. She also does a range of personalized  items with your choice of picture and text .which she does herself.  Rattles, taggies, teethers, hats,  bunnies and teddies, sunhats, gloves, boottes , my handmade pompom wool bany blankets and crochet lightweight blankets as well .traditional wooden toys .That is just a small selection  of what is in the shop.  She is able to post and i am able to bring items already paid for to my house for you to pick up if easier.   IF YOU HAVE BABIES, GRANDCHILDREN , GODCHILDREN PAY THE SHOP A VISIT, YOU WONT BE DISSAPOINTED.
Ive included some photos so you can see for yourself if youre interested.  .        GIFT VOUCHERS NOW AVAILABLE

Looks good debs, I will check it out, get some stuff for the grand kids


--- Quote from: Shizzy on March 07, 2020, 10:14:18 am ---Looks good debs, I will check it out, get some stuff for the grand kids

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Thanks shizzy .   Im well proud of her and what she has achieved in the past 4 yrs ... the shop and her embroidered items has taken off well since opening 1st feb .       


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