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What's the point of Westbury

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Bob DeBilda:
A while ago I was asked this question.

I struggled to answer it really apart from saying it grew up around the woolen mills and iron works. Not wishing to cause offence to anyone, what is the point of Westbury?

These days it is just a commuter town?

You could say that about most towns. Many towns in the country are just commuter towns. What's the point of Bratton, Edington etc?

Dana Scully:
It is a commuter town now, just one big housing estate without any proper services, the shops are rubbish, the tight knit community has gone, I hate it here now, if we could move out then we would, there are many more houses planned which will make the situation even worse, Westbury as a small market town is dead sadly.  Once the gasification incinerator arrives, perhaps the commuters will regret movng here once their children develop breathing problems.Come to the contryside for fresh air! yeah right!

What a dump! soon the dump of the south west with everyones waste coming here to be disposed of.

Well, most of the time the emissions from the gasification plant will be carried on the wind towards Devizes. In reality, the only people affected actually in the town will be those up on the hill at The Butts, Newtown and Studland Park during a northerly wind (ie. one going south from the north).

When I spoke to the Hills technical adviser about this, he basically said that it will be really no different to the exhaust coming from nearby residential dwelling gas flues spreading out amongst the nearby homes when the wind blows the wrong way. He was adamant that by the time the exhaust gasses from the Hills plant hit the ground a mile or more away, they will be so diluted that they will be no different to the more nearby gasses from the nearby gas flues.

One of the issues is that the gas being burnt and released to air is basically similar to the old coal gas. Not great, but not any sort of really dangerous stuff like if the actual waste was being incinerated with all the gasses released.  The gasification process basically heats the waste to extract "Syngas". All the nasty stuff becomes a sort of clinker that can be used as hardcore in the bottom layer of roads etc. 

This is why the law allows this sort of plant to happen.

I noticed that Friends of the Earth are still going on about the planning permission and are asking Wiltshire Council to withdraw the permission.  This just shows that Friends of the Earth do not understand the planning process. Wiltshire Council cannot withdraw planning permission. If they ever attempted it, the council would just be sued for the entire lost profits of the plant. It is not going to happen - not ever. It's just a daft stunt by Friends of the Earth. I do not understand why they are doing this except to gain publicity for failing to make any difference to anything on this matter.

The real issue is the public consultation by the Environment Agency, when that comes, on the application by Hills for an operating licence. That is the process that will consider environmental issues. In law the council could not take account of issues that will be considered by the Environment Agency (EA) in its licencing process. It had no choice in law but to issue the planning permission because the plant complies with all relevant planning policies - whatever nonsense the objectors keep bleating on about. They are simply talking complete rubbish.

Mike Hawkins:
"They are simply talking complete rubbish."   Maybe their rubbish could also be used to create the syngas?    Why should we worry about this new plant, when the same complainers tell us that we are going to be destroyed by "climate emergency" and "5G" anyway.  I have asked my grandchildren to ask the same question in 50 years time!!


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