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New Fish n Chip Restaurant in old Britannia / Co-Op bank premises, High Street

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--- Quote from: Shizzy on January 26, 2020, 09:24:33 am ---Are you sure it was a former HSBC / Midland / Santander bank? Pretty sure we've never had a Santander bank, and I think the Midlan was the opposite side next to the butchers.

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Agree with you shizzy .

It was brittania building society for 20 odd year or so before it changed to co op

Yes. I was wrong about Santander. I should have said that Britannia merged with Co-Op and in Westbury the Britannia branch became Co-Op.  Originally, the new double unit in the 60s was a Midland Bank which later became rebranded as HSBC. Britannia moved in after HSBC closed there.

Been away for a few weeks. Went to the chemist this morning and see the new Fish & Chip restaurant (Harlee's) is either now open or about to open. Had a peek inside and it looks pretty smart. Hope the fish & chips are as good.

I've seen it like this for a few weeks now but I have not yet actually seen it open.


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