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Every ROUTE FROM THE A303 is flagged by blue instruction boards directing traffic over 18 ton through westbury. Has anyone got any muscle to say that both health and noise and homes vibrating are ruining those poor sods that live on the westbury/warminster road.
Yes shizzy, miserable sod i maybe but this is ridiculous, i had to wait 10 minutes to get from Madbrook farm to Aldi due to congestion today. forget the town, if pollution is a political issue WESTBURY SHOULD BE CLOSED DOWN AS A HEALTH HAZARD

New signs have been going up over the last week. It's due to BANES banning lorries over a bridge (I think in Bath). Westbury is desperately in need of a bypass.

It is explained in the article in the current WHN:

The WHN article partly explains the situation, but avoids the point that we have been sold down the river by Wilts Council yet again
I picked up a copy of the Bath Echo in the RUH William Budd waiting area a few weeks ago, and it had an item about this bridge closure. These statements  jumped out at me  -
" Signed diversion routes, using designated roads suitable for large vehicles will be in place for through traffic ...."  and "  We have a very extensively signed diversion route for heavy vehicles which has been drawn up with our neighbouring authorities... "  my bold.

So Wiltshire Council would appear to have colluded in the increase in traffic through the town.

This whole issue would have been avoided if Bath Council had not objected to the Beckford Spur and the A36/A46 link when the Batheaston Bypass was built.

As the highways authority for Wiltshire (except the Swindon area), Wiltshire Council highways officers have obligations to ensure that traffic is properly signposted, including traffic diverted through the authority area.

Different teams exist to do different work. I imagine that the maintenance and management team would have dealt with signs. The strategic planning side of things at director level would be dealing with checking that what BANES is doing is legal and they would be using contacts at Government level to talk about where this is all going in the future.... 

As far as I am aware, our MP - Dr Andrew Murrison MP - is on the case and pressing for everyone to work together to get on with making funding available for a Westbury A350 bypass.


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