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That's all very well, but even if funding was made available straight away, it would not solve the present issue of excessive traffic on unsuitable roads.
This is the map of the diverison routes published in the Bath Echo.  Westbury does not even appear as an un-named  grey blob as do Calne , Keynsham and  Bradford on Avon, even though it is the only town which the diverted traffic passes through with no bypass. 


I was always taught never to start a sentence with And  or But, still never mind.
The point is that yet again Westbury is not considered in the greater scheme of things.

In answer to the original posters plea for help, I think the Westbury community must first help itself and draw some attention to the issue.
Perhaps a Day of Action, using our four Pelican crossings ( by Lidl, West End, Haynes Road, Warminster Road) and the Zebra crossing on Warminster Road.  A conga line of concerned residents between them all should back traffic up to Yarnbrook and the Warminster services, and with the media involved, should get national attention.  :D
In reality, apathy will rule as always.

Erm ...

The context here, which I find hard to forget and which I am amazed that anyone could forget, is that about 17 years ago, the then county council, Wiltshire County Council, started a Westbury Bypass project which took several years to look at all routes to find the most feasible route. The council calculated the costs and benefits (though this was found to be deeply flawed later) and also lined up the funding via the South West Regional Assembly, subject to planning.

All sorts of NIMBYs and national anti-new roads objectors then made all sorts of dubious claims. The design was revised and in 2007 a revised scheme for the shortest possible route around the town was submitted for planning permission. This got called in by the Labour Secretary of State for Transport and eventually in 2010 he refused the planning permission.

All sorts of morons claimed that the better route was the one which went the longest route around the town and which would cost more to build and would actually reduce traffic through the town the least.

The reason why Westbury does not have a bypass is because all sorts of morons thought it would be better if the proposed bypass, which was fully funded and "shovel-ready", was refused.

Wiltshire Council will be restarting that project within a few years as soon as the preliminary finance to start the project can be lined up. They will be looking carefully at the costs and benefits in a changing climate where fuel efficiency and shorter journey times are becoming more important, which means shorter routes are better ... which means that it is highly likely that the same route as last time will be chosen.

Blame the morons for the missing bypass!!!!!!!!!!


BTW - my first English teachers also said don't start a sentence with "And".

Later, around the time I was studying for my MSc degree, I read articles about good English and realised that often it works very well indeed to break up sentences and start some with "And" and "But" not least because it works very well to break up contrasting thoughts into separate points next to each other. I would not do it in a formal report where some anally-retentive critic might cause trouble ...

It is more a matter of taste than grammar. Personally, I think  spelling and correct punctuation is more important, such as not using apostrophes in the wrong place - eg. 90s NOT 90's.

Our Organisation, Westbury Bypass Now!! organised about a dozen well attended marches through the town, armed with flags and whistles. yes the traffic was snarled up for miles due to the fact that we amassed around 50 people on a saturday morning walking slowly form the warminster road to the scouts hall... with police in attendance. the Morons still trafficked the idea that any road anywhere was a bad thing, and now we live in a polluted town, westbury


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