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£150m for road improvements.

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Wiltshire Council press statement announcing £150m for road improvements, but nothing for Westbury until 2025. Melksham and Chippenham to get the money for further bypass improvements.
How long are we going to accept this, time for direct action now?

I really can't see how Chippenham is more deserving, it already has a bypass

I explained the funding pathway for a Westbury A350 bypass here:,5038.0.html

Essentially, confirmation of funding for the Melksham eastern bypass means that the Westbury Bypasss project can restart in 2022.  This would mean the essential preparation and design work which would include a re-analysis of all the feasible routes to find the most appropriate route that can be given planning permission and funded would start in 2022. This is so that a bid for the main money can then be made in 2025. The design stage including consultations will take several years.

The refusal of planning permission for the Westbury Bypass in 2010, made by the then Labour Secretary of State for Transport, was based on planning policies that Labour introduced in the previous few years. This meant that to justify the Westbury Bypass other pinchpoints along the A350 needed to dealt with first.

The point Michale is making, and others is that Westbury should be earmarked for funding now (more urgent), and maybe Melksham project can start in 2022. Why is Westbury being pushed down the list when a by-pass is more urgently needed here than in Melksham?

Getting the existing pinch-point done in Melksham first means that the case for a Westbury bypass is strengthened.

The crucial point to remember here is that only 10 years ago hundreds of local morons campaigned against a fully funded Westbury Bypass..


10 years ago hundreds of local morons campaigned against a fully funded Westbury Bypass.


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