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NO NO NO to self ID of trans women

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Old Codger:
I really cannot see this topic being of any interest to Westbury Town Forums.

Thanks Old Codger for the maturity of reason, this is just dire news for a dire society who wish to engage with it


--- Quote from: Old Codger on February 17, 2020, 16:42:44 pm ---I really cannot see this topic being of any interest to Westbury Town Forums.

--- End quote ---

Well, I certainly think it affects a small minority in society to start with but then the effects on women as a whole will be quite widespread on an occasional basis.

As far as I can tell, almost all women with any intelligence are paying attention to this if they read newspapers or are involved with national politics, not least because many see trans women (ie. men dressed and acting as women - some may be fully "transitioned" and some will not and so are still biologically men) as a potential threat in places that should be safe for women eg. female toilets, hostels etc.

Personally, it does not affect me but it is certainly a live debate going on right now amongst some folk. It gets raised as a subject by women in my experience, who are asking what I think to see if I care or if I basically agree with feminism.

I'm not keen on feminism apart from agreeing that the sexes deserve equal treatment and equal rights. I start to lose interest when it all starts getting too militant and when it is all about exceptionally agressive women wanting top jobs when a lot of the time they are just not up to it. However, this issue of self IDing as trans women (by men) has got me definitely supporting the feminists who are alarmed at the threat to the safety of women in what should be safe spaces /places for women.

As far as I am aware, about 1% of the population is not binary in being clearly male or female and so that 1% may or may not change sex / gender at some time from what they were assigned at birth.

Secondary schools are installing mixed sex / non gender toilets where girls have no choice but to use the same toilets as boys. This happened at Matravers only about 6 years ago. It causes all sorts of issues for girls who hate going into mixed sex toilets shared with boys.

Personally, I think its craziness as everyone seems to be pandering to the trans community far too much, in my opinion. Those with gender issues need help rather than being offered the opportunity to threaten the rights of women (straight or lesbian).

Those men who have no interest in this subject tend to be oblivious to the issues or are basically queasy about it or just plain ignorant. I think this forum is capable of discussing any public issue - this topic is being hotly debated as a current political issue especially in the LGBT+ and left-wing nutters community plus feminists who at last now have my support (on this issue anyway).


--- Quote from: DORIAN on February 17, 2020, 17:11:27 pm ---Thanks Old Codger for the maturity of reason, this is just dire news for a dire society who wish to engage with it

--- End quote ---

I agree that it is a rather dire topic and the proposal is obnoxious to me.

I'm saying "No!" to it in the same way I'd tell a vegan to get lost if they wanted to influence how many steaks I eat.

You might be able to get through life by avoiding topical issues. Some people do discuss difficult issues. Even folk in Westbury have been known to talk about current national political topics.

BritishCycling already does this. If you identify as a woman, or a man, you can enter the female, or male, categories for a non-license requiring race. If you need a license then you have to have your gender stated on your license in accordance with UCi rules (so testosterone levels and a doctors letter). But since most races in the UK don't need a license, its a free for all.


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