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Westbury Air Ambulance shop to close


Sad to see the news that the Air Ambulance shop is to close  in June 2020.

Seems odd that the running cost of  a Devizes shop can be lower than a Westbury premises.

A great pity.

I don't agree that this decision is at all about the cost of the premises, which is undoubtedly extremely cheap compared to any other similar shop in any other town within 50 miles.

I would imagine this is mostly about the need to pay a manager to run the shop whereas in the past it was all volunteers running an independent charity and perhaps mostly about the difficulty in recruiting volunteers who are any good and would turn up and stay there for the hours needed for free ...

Also, there are now more charity shops in Westbury than ever before so it would be harder these days to get decent stock to sell in enough volume and with enough profit margin to make it worthwhile.

Shame, it was my go to shop charity for donations.

I also think its a crying shame that the air ambulance  is too close. Ive always donated my items not needed  there since they opened .


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