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Covid 19

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I always try to see humour in bad / sad times ...  ive just seen this poem and have chuckled myself silly  lol

The shelves are all so empty,😳
It really is a farce,
I ask myself the question,
How will I wipe my arse?😟💩

Do I turn to Ebay?
And buy some for a grand,
From a bloke in Rochdale,
That could be second hand.

Asda has no bog roll,
Tescos got none too,
What will I do tomorrow,
When I want a poo.💩🚽
Lidl's shelves are empty,
Aldi's stock is low,
I really need some andrex,
Please tell me where to go.🤔😱

Do I use a pair of socks?🧦
That might be alright,
But then I have a problem,
My feet would stink of sugare.💩

I could use a towel,
But that's not very fair,
My wife might use the same one,
When she drys her hair.

So when the time arrives,
And I know it's not a trump,
I'll be prepared and ready,
For my first paperless dump.💩

I will use an old poster,
I have of Miley Cyrus,
So you can kiss my fat clean arse,
Corona virus.🦠

Well, Sainsbury's Frome store loo roll aisle was stunningly EMPTY today, with totally empty shelves the whole length of the loo roll section.

I have not been in for a week, but I always find Lidl Westbury and Warminster stores always have loads of the stuff and, of course, most of the 2 towns will not bother looking there as they would not be seen dead inside Lidl ...    :)

Bob DeBilda:
It's so irrational.

So stop doing it, I might have to resort to the methods that Debs poem alludes to !!

A small number of the population are complete f'wits, hopefully this virus will thin them out.

What measure will be taken long term to stop the Chinese from infecting the world with another virus?


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