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Looks like Wilts Council are planning another bypass for Chippenham

Why is a 2nd Chippenham, bypass more important than Weastbury's 1st bypass??

You've asked virtually the same question before and I gave a full answer over several posts.



and particularly:,5038.msg56470.html#msg56470

The new Chippenham road is not really part of the A350. It is not about routing through traffic north - south around Chippenham.  It will be a local distributor road which facilitates planned housing developments planned to the east of Chippenham. The main funding sources are quite separate to the sources that apply to the Westbury bypass.

If Chippenham Bypass needed expanding to take more traffic, it would be widened. I can easily see that happening within a decade or so.

The Westbury A350 bypass needs to be justified on its own merits and this has all been explained before.


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