Mother jailed for smuggling heroin in Afghan rugs

Started by Debs, July 29, 2008, 18:14:26 PM

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A mum-of-three has been jailed for 10 years for smuggling heroin woven into Afghan rugs into the UK.

Tracy Schofield, 41, was exposed as part of an international drug smuggling ring plotting to bring £1.6million worth of the Class A drug into the UK.

The rugs, which had been sent from Pakistan, had the drug woven into them in long, thin paper tubes, a method described by the prosecution as "ingenious".

Schofield appeared at Bradford crown court alongside two men.

Alan Hoffman-Balmer, 42, Schofield's lover, was identified as the head of the operation in the UK. He admitted conspiracy and was jailed for 11 years. "Trusted lieutenant" Waseem Rauf, 22, got 10 years.

Rauf and Schofield were both found guilty of conspiracy. The judge said they had "peddled complete misery."

Schofield sobbed as she was sent down to start her sentence.

dont these people learn that when they get caught they will be dealt with??   serve herself right of you ask me.. i have got no time for drug pushers or dealers or buyers and certainly not people who smiggle it into our country