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In the News / Re: Brexit 2021
« Last post by baldy on January 16, 2021, 15:33:32 pm »
Rubbish.   :)

A few teething troubles during the first few weeks whilst firms who did not set up their new systems right work out what they are supposed to do to avoid problems.

Personally, I can't understand why the lorries don't just avoid Dover and use any of our other ferry ports .... the journey may take a bit longer but the delays would be far less ... unless they have really messed up their paperwork   .... in which case they should not be turning up for a ferry anyway until they get their paperwork correct.

Nice to see some activity here again ...    [app]
In the News / Brexit 2021
« Last post by Bob DeBilda on January 15, 2021, 22:27:21 pm »
I always said I wouldn’t say this but


Nothing but problems
Leaflet attached which is being sent to nearby Residents.
I made Andrew Murrison aware of this proposal this morning, and this is his reply.

Thank you. I’m not aware of this proposal but last time I looked N&W Wilts area had a more than five year supply so it should fail. If it’s dipped below there’s a vulnerability that the developer may seek to exploit.
It’s important objections are lodged on the WC planning site against the application number.
There is no such "plan".

There is simply doubt about the 5-year development pipeline and opportunistic developers are putting in applications on unallocated land where they think they can prove sustainability. I would think the other land south of Westbury Leigh and towards Old Dilton is safe, though that other field south of Leighton Park by Warminster Road looks very vulnerable at present.
My Fear Baldy, that is the start of a much greater plan,
 to concrete over with developments, the Westbury Leigh side of Westbury, and the loss of Biodiversity that would follow it.
TBH - the proposed development looks perfectly reasonable with a large amount of green open space that Leighton Park and Westbury Leigh always needed.

The extra population will be a bit of a boost to the church, shop and community hall ...
He means pre-application consultation.
Ian Cunningham wrote on Facebook
The land promoter and their agents came to present to the town council's highways, planning and development committee last week.
There is no planning application as yet - this is called pre-consultation.
I advertised the meeting on this forum. If you go to the meeting now you can watch the meeting - their presentation was the first item.

They are consulting online here:
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