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Title: Justice
Post by: Al on October 29, 2010, 14:19:29 PM

A few weeks back, Russell (aka Baldy) posted on this forum that he believed that the user Justice was a person named Jim Sharman. Since then I have been in contact with both Justice and Jim as both felt aggrieved by Russell's postings. Jim is taking is own actions, which I shall not comment on here, but Justice took the step of asking his solicitor, whom he has known for a while, to write a letter to Russell explaining that the two persons were not one and the same. Russell has decided not to comment on the letter (in a PM to me, which is private and I'll respect that) but as I, as the forum host, have been brought into the matter I felt I should post a copy of the letter so that you can all see it and make up your own minds.

Unfortunately due to replies likely impacting on pending legal action I can not allow comments/replies. Hopefully that situation will be resolved in a few weeks time.

If anyone has specific concerns, please either PM me or get in touch via email (webmaster@westburytownforums.co.uk).


PS> I would like to just take this opportunity to thank both Justice and Jim for their conduct over this matter. Both could have caused me considerable trouble, but both have been extremely amicable and understanding to my situation. Thank you both.

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