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. My guess is bots.
Yup. Spiders /Bots. Mostly index crawlers from places that you’ve never heard of. No idea what they do with all the data.
Al will probably know. My guess is bots.

Either that or they’re all fascinated by your exciting allegations thread🙄
In fact, the screenshot shows that we hit 637 guests and users, which is a record for this forum.

Here is a screenshot.

I see that 2 candidates have been nominated for the by-election. One is a LibDem.

I imagine that the LibDems have a policy of always putting up a candidate in elections at principal authority (major council) level and above now.

I am sure that Suzanne Wickham will walk it.
I've noticed that this forum has a very high number of guests looking at it at the moment.

Currently, there are 483 guests in total looking at this forum. About an hour ago, there were over 600 guests looking in total at the same time.

Half an hour ago, there were over 100 looking at our Brexit thread. A dozen or so were looking at my thread about me as a former town councillor and false allegations etc ...

Why the sudden and massive interest in WTF today?

It can't just be my two earlier posts today, surely?
At last, I feel quite relaxed about the two outrageous sets of vile and untrue allegations made against me which assert that they amount to breaches of the town council code of conduct.

My legal adviser has produced a brilliant and expert demolition job of all the nonsense that has occurred so far in the second case (there was no need to bother with the first one ... so far ...) with clear and accurate references to the correct law and what the code of conduct does and does not mean which exposes the stuff that is just improperly made up by the standards system at Wiltshire Council ... and which misleads almost anyone who tries to read it.

There is no way that any rational person who understands the law and what actually happened would think that a breach of the code of conduct occurred.

The second complainant has made up a vile list of issues about me and insisted on an apology. I will certainly be seeking one from her and she will not be able to claim harassment (as me responding to her nonsense is not harassment) ...

I am inclined to think the first complainant was simply badly advised by arrogant deluded fools, who are still at the town council and who think they know the relevant local government law better than me (or those who advise me and who have a long track record of proving they know the relevant law better than the official lawyers involved).

I'm waiting for the investigator to get over the shock of seeing what is in the legal comments that have been submitted to him .....
I attended a very beautiful service in celebration of Jerry's life in Devizes a fortnight ago. The parish church in Devizes was packed out. I think most attendees were former and current police officers including 6 current and former chief constables for Wiltshire.

The by-election for Ethundune division will take place on Thursday 19th September.

I am aware that Jerry's widow, Suzanne Wickham, another former senior police officer, will be the Conservative candidate. I've seen emails written by Suzanne for consumption by parish councillors across Ethandune villages (around Westbury) explaining her intentions.

I am in no doubt that Suzanne is as serious and professional as Jerry was in her approach to providing a service to Ethandune residents.

Nominations from candidates to run in the by-election need to be submitted by today. I am not aware of anyone apart from Suzanne who will run - certainly no-one I personally know and would help and support in any ground campaign intends to run.
In the News / Re: Do we really care about Brexit
« Last post by DORIAN on August 20, 2019, 10:54:09 AM »
Due to currency fluctuations we are not competitive in the world market as our cost of production is so much higher than other european countries
we are seeing more and more agrochemicals that assist growing of crops being banned, again pushing up prices
british housewives and house husbands should get to use to seeing higher food prices,
India subsidises agriculture more than it spends on defence. we are having our subsidies cut , to grow wild flowers and for diversification as well as wind Turbines and solar panels neither that create food.
In the News / Re: Do we really care about Brexit
« Last post by Shizzy on August 20, 2019, 09:38:33 AM »
Why's that Dorian? Are you suggesting that when we leave the EU there will be zero trade with the rest of the world, and we must be self sufficient?
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