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i have noted all your posts relevant to your situation, and i note not one person has replied in sympathy
or otherwise, it appears you wish to vent your anger but in essence, due to to non response. no one is really interested in this tired drawn oot facade

The final report for the first case has been issued.

The decision by the Monitoring Officer at WC is "no further action".

The report makes it clear that in the opinion of the investigator there was no breach of the town council code of conduct by me and that this is a finely-balanced view ... which I regard as nonsense for reasons explained in my previous post.

The complainant can request a review which would take more time to look at the issues again.

Given the determined and vicious nature of the complaint, with all sorts of muddled claims thrown into the mix, including the idea that I should have been suspended as a Wiltshire Councillor pending the result of this investigation (which no-one has the power to carry out), I imagine that the complainant will try to keep this all going ....

If this all goes to a review hearing, my legal adviser will really enjoy telling the investigator and relevant lawyers involved what the correct law is.

Well, well, well ....  the incompetence and nonsense just goes on and on  ..........

The really vile silly bitch complainant (she has made a long string of false claims that I breached the code when actually she's effectively been told she is wrong on every count by the investigation report - ie. I've done nothing wrong according to law) did ask for a review and I've only just been told along with a date set for another review committee (this case has already been through 2 nonsense reviews about whether to proceed to investigation originally - both of which were bungled with incorrect law and procedures) to meet to decide whether to accept the Monitoring Oficer's decision (NB. He is Wiltshire Council's chief lawyer / Director of the Legal Dept) or to effectively ignore the official legal advice and go to a hearing ....  which would be odd as the Monitoring Officer would have to be there to advise on the law and the councillors sitting on the Kangaroo Court, ahem, hearing panel, are supposed to follow the legal advice given ...

The basis of the reasons given for the review by the complainant is that freedom of expression as set out in statute and a long series of court cases including some involving town councillors should be ignored because there was no mention of freedom of expression overriding the code of conduct in the town council code of conduct and because town councillors are not involved in politics so are not politicians who can benefit from the freedom of expression rights enshrined in law or the enhanced protections that apply to politicians.

It's all so nuts .... largely because the complainant keeps making up her own version of the law as if she knows something new when actually she's just trying to find new interpretations that don't exist because actually its all been covered in case law that does still give the enhanced protection to town councillors for freedom of expression.

My legal adviser has not yet had a go at setting out all of the correct and relevant law in this matter because when the official investigation report draft basically cleared me - albeit with nonsense about a balanced decision etc and criticising me for almost going up to the limits of freedom of expression - I did not ask him to spend any time on it because he was focusing then on the second case which definitely does need unpicking with a proper dose of correct law applied to it (I've not yet received the final report of the second case).

The final report of the first case was issued with almost no changes from the first draft and the Monitoring Officer decided that "no further action" would occur and he also stated that he is sure that the investigation report was properly done and that he agrees with the recommendation of no breach.

I am pretty sure that my legal adviser will now want to actually set out the correct law and the main mistakes made so far by all sorts of officials in this first case including those made by the original council lawyer who originally fouled up the relevant law - he even claimed that a councillor calling for another councillor to resign is a breach of the code when actually it certainly is not and never has been  (the investigator has made this clear) though making up false claims about a councillor is a breach (the investigator felt the need to say this in his report) ........

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm ....... the irony of that last simple point, given the string of false claims about me breaching the code by this truly awful woman co-opted councillor!
In the News / Re: General Election 2019
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In the News / Re: General Election 2019
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In the News / Re: General Election 2019
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Load of Baldy Bollocks  8)
General Discussion / Re: Station Road overbridge
« Last post by Pugwash on January 01, 2020, 10:18:34 AM »
Happy New Year to all our readers!

Another good source of old maps is the National Library of Scotland site.

e.g Westbury station and  ironworks  pre-1914
Westbury News & Discussion / Re: Post Office
« Last post by DORIAN on December 31, 2019, 18:08:03 PM »
not wishing in anyway to not be sympathetic i must say that overall, the staff, at a demanding time have done a sterling job overall and should be applauded, hopefully this was a minor blib
Westbury News & Discussion / Post Office
« Last post by Shizzy on December 31, 2019, 11:30:54 AM »
Been to the post office in McColls twice in the last three weeks, closed both times. 1st time staff said they were too busy, 2nd time I didn't ask just saw the closed sign.

Probably won't bother again, rather than waste my time walking up to the shop I will wait until I go past The Ham on my way to work.
General Discussion / Re: Station Road overbridge
« Last post by baldy on December 30, 2019, 18:16:48 PM »
Don't tell Francis as he spent about 2 months virtually living at the archive centre all day nearly every day poring over old maps and carefully writing all the details he needed down ...

When I went there to take the photos, I noticed that all the staff and some of the "regulars" who attend to go through the archives, were on first name terms with Francis and some of the obviously professional archivists (one or two I actually recognised as experts myself having met them previously to obtain advice about local heritage - eg. The Laverton Hall) went out of their way to tell me how impressed they were with Francis' dedication and attention to detail

I'm not sure that the oldest of the OS maps and the non-OS maps drafted by various railway companies who planned all sorts of railway routes in the area (almost all of which did not get built) would be on this online system though.

Incidentally, I was stunned by one old map which planned a railway line going from the existing Westbury station east towards Edington and which veered south to enter a tunnel at the foot of the escarpment by Edington. That tunnel ran up quite an incline and then emerged about 2 miles further south east with the track going through Imber and then I forget where after that. Obviously that plan did not get built but I was gobsmacked to see it.
General Discussion / Re: Station Road overbridge
« Last post by Pete on December 30, 2019, 17:25:45 PM »
All I really did was take the photos of the old maps over two long days ...

Should have saved yourself some time and used
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