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Jeremy Corbyn at Glastonbury
« on: June 25, 2017, 12:30:53 pm »


And when we are here in Glastonbury we are doing things differently, we are doing things better, and we are seeing that inspiration.

"And there are many people that we learn from in our lives, we learn from our parents, we learn from our teachers, we learn from those that have written music for us or written poetry for us.

"It's that sense of unlocking the potential in all of us that I find so inspiring, and I'm inspired by many poets and many people, and I think we should adopt a maxim in life, that everyone we meet is unique, everyone we meet knows something we don't know, is slightly different to us in some ways.

"Don't see them as a threat, don't see them as an enemy, see them as a source of knowledge, a source of friendship, and a source of inspiration.